Project MC2 Smart Pixel Purse

My girls love Project MC2 and they are always really interested in the new toys that are released as they all have some sort of STEM element to them. The new Pixel Purse allows you to create your very own patterns and messages.

The Pixel Purse comes with some designs pre-installed but using the app you can create all sorts of different designs using the app. The app has designs which you can edit as well as create your own. You can type messages and adjust the speed and the colour of these. There are stamp shapes that you can use as well as manually creating your own designs from scratch. You are then able to animate the designs by creating different frames.

The Pixel Purse needs 4 x AA batteries (demo batteries are included). It is a hard plastic case with a plastic strap and fabric tassles on the plastic zips. The zip on the back is for decoration purposes only but it does add to the design quite nicely.

On the side of the Pixel purse there is a plastic clip which can attach to keyrings or similar.

The zip on the top opens the Pixel purse. Pull the zip across the top to unlatch the casing.

Inside you will find the switch which allows you to move between try me, off or on.  You use the cable inside to connect your phone to the Pixel Purse to download your designs to the Pixel Purse.

To display the signs you need to press the small round button on the front. You can also erase all of the custom designs stored on the pixel purse, to do this turn it off and press the small round button on the front, whilst pressing this button turn it back on until the screen goes blue. Then press the round button 4 times in 4 seconds. If successful rising bubbles with appear.

My girls really enjoyed this and when we took it to a party we had a lot of compliments from adults and kids alike. The ability to create their own designs really challenged them and it was good to see them having to think of how to animate their ideas step by step.

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  1. Hi,

    I have just bought this pixel purse. Is it possible to delete the designs I made? Without deleting the pre loaded designs?

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