PlayMobil Aquarium 9060 – Fill with real water!

When my girls were younger we didn’t own any PlayMobil. I am not sure why but I think it was due to the cost. I always knew that PlayMobil created good quality toys but the price tag always put me off.  Over the last year, I have started working with PlayMobil and I have been really surprised with the sets. Not only the quality but also that I think they are great value for money. We have just been sent the PlayMobil Aquarium set and my girls absolutely love it.

The PlayMobil Aquarium set can actually be filled with water making it a great set for water play. The set does require some assembly but my daughter Alison who is 9 was able to put it together by herself with just a little bit of help.

The PlayMobil Aquarium set comes with two sea lions, a trainer with a bucket of fish to feed the sea lions, 3 multicoloured fish, a lobster,  a seahorse, two opening shells, various pieces of coral, a rock formation, a child with a balloon and a grown up. It also features various other pieces such as a bin and a cup, phone, lifesaving ring and various signs.

The figures can stand up by themselves (although the little boy can’t when he is holding his balloon) but you can also place them on the turntable which goes next to the glass to make a viewing area.

My girls love playing with water so The PlayMobil Aquarium is the perfect set for them. They loved playing with the figures and the sea lions. The sea lions are jointed at the neck, the tail flippers and the forward flippers. They can be stood up which looks great. Alison loved putting on a Sea Lion show and performing a variety of tricks with the sea lions such as balancing the ball or jumping through the hoop.

We definitely recommend the PlayMobil Aquarium and I think it will be a great set to give this Christmas.