How to hatch and play with Hatchimals Hatchibabies

Today sees the launch of the brand new Hatchimals Hatchibabies and this post talks you through the various ways that you can play with your Hatchimals Hatchibabies before hatching, whilst hatching and after hatching.

Hatchimals Hatchibabies are available in a variety of species. The two main ones are Ponette and Cheetree but you will also find store exclusives – Chipadee, Monkiwi and Koalabee. The biggest surprise is that you won’t know the gender of your Hatchibabies until it has hatched.

Hatchibabies come with 5 additional secret accessories which include a bottle, rattle, cuddle buddy, brush and a high chair. They take 2 AA batteries which are included.

How to play before hatching your Hatchimals Hatchibabies

When you first remove your Hatchibabies egg from the box remember to remove the twist locks from the bottom of the egg. If you don’t remove these then the Hatchibabies won’t turn on.

To turn your hatchibabies off during the egg phase hold upside down for approximately 25 seconds.

The Hatchibabies eye colour represents different emotions and you need to rock, rub, tilt, pat or top on the egg to interact with it.

  • Red means Upset and you need to rock the egg or rub the bottom.
  • Orange means Gassy and you need to pat the bottom or tilt the egg
  • Yellow means Happy, continue to care for the egg or try tilting
  • Green means sick and Blue means cold, for both of these you need to rub the bottom of the egg
  • White means sleepy. To put to sleep tilt sideways and rock the egg. To wake up put the egg down, remove your hands and then pick the egg back up.
  • Pink means you can listen to the heartbeat, hold the egg still and listen.
  • Eyes turned off means that it is listening, tap on the egg.

How to hatch a Hatchimal Hatchibaby

After playing with the egg in various ways using the colours and instructions above the eyes will turn cycle through the colours like a rainbow. This means that your egg is ready to hatch. Rub the bottom of the egg, around the crease line, to encourage hatching. If the egg stops and you hear tapping, tap on the egg. If the egg stops and you hear panting, hold the egg to hear the heartbeat. When you Hatchibabies has finished hatching it will sing Hatchy Birthday. Remove the extra eggshell pieces and pull your Hatchibaby out of the egg.

After Hatching your Hatchibabies

After Hatching, you will be able to find out if you have a boy or a girl Hatchibaby by checking the secret scroll message which you can find underneath your Hatchibabies.

You will also be able to access the accessories which are under the peel and reveal compartments. You can use the accessories to interact with your Hatchibabies. Twist the accessory holder to remove it from the egg as this becomes a highchair.

You can also use the egg base as a nest when placing your Hatchibabies inside make sure the wings match up with the wing symbols. When placed in the egg base the Hatchibabies will rock and play.

To use the accessories put the bottle in its mouth and press down on the lower beak to feed it if you feed it too much you will need to hold upright and pat the back of its head to burp it.

When using the Cuddle buddy or the rattle make sure the H is facing you then bring the accessory to the upper chest of your Hatchibabies. If you give your Hatchibaby its rattle when it is in the egg base then it will sing a nursery rhyme.

How to play with Hatchimal Hatchibabies

The Hatched Hatchibabies eye colour represents different emotions and you need to pet, tickle, hold, feed or use an accessory to interact with your Hatchibaby.

  • Red means Upset and you need to put the Hatchibaby in the egg base for a timeout or pet it.
  • Orange means Gassy and you need to pat the back of its head
  • Yellow means Happy, continue to care for it or tickle its feet
  • Green means sick, touch and hold the forehead to take its temperature and pet to comfort it.
  • Blue means sad or scared, pet it or give it the cuddle buddy
  • White means sleepy. Put in the egg base for a nap or give it the cuddle buddy.
  • Pink means cuddly, pet its head or nuzzle its nose
  • Purple means hungry, feed it with its bottle

More ways to play with a hatched Hatchimal Hatchibabies

There are lots of different ways to play with your Hatchibabies once they have hatched.

  • Learn to talk – touch and hold both feet to record your voice. When you have finished let go of the feet and it will repeat what you say.
  • Peek-a-boo – Cover its eyes with your hand, remove your hand to hear “peek-a-boo”
  • Dancing – Give your Hatchibabies its rattle and it will sing and dance
  • Bouncy baby (flashing blue eyes) – Touch and hold the right foot for 3 seconds to enter. When the music plays bounce your hatchibabies backwards and forwards. When the music stops, stop bouncing. Get 3 to win.
  • Animal Colours (Flashing green eyes) – Touch and hold the left foot for 3 seconds to enter. Tap its forehead sensor (between the bow straps) when you see the colour that goes with the animal sound eg chick “peep peep” = yellow, sheep “bah bah” = white/blue, Frog “ribbit ribbit” = green and pig “oink oink” = purple. Get 8 to win

Hatchibabies have a variety of sensors. The forehead, the back of the head, the lower beak, the top centre of the chest (for the rattle and cuddle buddy), left foot sensor and right foot sensor. There is also a tilt sensor. There is also an on/off sensor. After two minutes of no interaction, the hatchibabies will fall asleep, to wake up touch the forehead sensor.

Each Hatchibabies species has its own secret trick. To discover the secret trick touch and hold the back of the head until the eyes turn purple and then tap the back of the head and the forehead sensor twice at the same time (between the bow straps). My Ponette played a galloping song (Rossini: William Tell Overture)

For more information check out the Hatchimals website

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