Peppa Pig’s Theme Park Toys #PeppasThemeParkParty


Out of the three Peppa Pig Theme Park toys we received the Balloon ride is out favourite. Really well made with no bits that fall off. Extra features like the test your strength game and ice cream counter. This enables the kids to really use their imagination when playing with it. The Balloon ride itself is easy to use with a quick tug to the top balloon and then let go and the ride gently spins to the bottom.


The train ride was a little bit fiddly to connect together and I was disappointed that you can’t buy all of the train carriages together in one set.

The dinosaur rocks back and forth like the real ride and the cupcake spins around as well.

I am not sure why there is a cupcake or the additional horse and teacup as those rides don’t fit in with the real Peppa Pig world rides. It would have been better to have a cloud like the windy castle ride and maybe a boat, helicopter or car.


The Ferris Wheel soon became a pain in the bum for me I am afraid, like all the Peppa toys we own certain moving parts can be fitted back on really easily however this does usually mean they come off easily too. The seats on the Ferris wheel were no exception and every time one of the children tried to place a character in the seat the seat fell out of the Ferris wheel.

The Ferris wheel was so well balanced that it didn’t really turn very well either and the kids soon got bored of it in favour of the much more exciting Balloon ride or Train.

We got these toys as a host of #PeppasThemeParkParty on twitter. All opinions are my own.