A Smurf for all Occasions

There are many occasions in our life when we feel the need to send a card, maybe you need to say sorry or congratulations or even Get well soon. Whatever the reason I begrudge paying a few pounds for a piece of card that only ends up in the recycling or worse in the bin.

Schleich have come up with a brilliant idea of Occasion Smurfs. With eight in the set I have been trying to work out what each of them could be.

I easily named Birthday Smurf, Valentine’s day Smurf, Wedding Smurfs (Bride and Groom Smurfs), Get well soon Smurf, Baby Smurf and Sorry Smurf.

I had to look at the press release for the other two who are Thank You Smurf (holding the flowers) and Party Smurfette (Sat in the glass)

As with all of Schleich figures they have amazing attention to detail and are all hand painted.

I received all eight Smurfs so I could have a look at them and I am going to be saving them for as and when I need them. At £3.39 on Amazon they are a great alternative to a card and will definitely be something that I will be keeping in mind for future occasions.

Having a look on Amazon for Schleich Smurfs there is actually one for every personality, I know the girls godfather would like the Lead Guitar Smurf and Laptop Smurf isn’t far off for me.