Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall

We have reviewed a fair few toys from the Zoomer range and we have one of the Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall toys to review for you today and we are very excited. This Zoomer is for children aged 3+ and is perfect for any Paw Patrol fan. With over 150 Paw Patrol sounds and phrases and over 80 interactive missions and tricks, this is like having the real life walking talking Marshall in your house.


Zoomer Marshall is modeled on one of the viewers favourite loveable Dalmatian Pup from Nickelodeon’s household favourite Paw Patrol. Marshall is the Paw Patrol team’s Firehouse pup, always ready for an adventure and ready to help anyone in distress.


If you have never owned a Zoomer Interactive Pet then they are much more than a toy. Zoomer Marshall will interact with you almost the same way as a real life puppy does. Marshall will be excitable, run around, get under your feet, make you laugh, preform tricks and demand attention. This is more than just a toy, the 150+ Nickelodeon phrases will teach the children some valuable educational and development lessons whilst they play, just like the tv series and just like a real pet would.


Zoomer Marshall can laugh, be tickled, do tricks, follow you around, dance to and play music, count animals, go on missions just like on the TV series and so much more. His sensors allow him to navigate corners, get out of tight spot and even back up when he goes in the wrong direction.

You will need 4 AA batteries, a phillips head screwdriver and some scissors before you start to unbox the Zoomer Marshall, so that you don’t have a complete excited pre schooler melt down on your hands. The toy is held into the box with string and tape, so there is no fort knocks to get through with this one. Once you’re in, Marshall will come out in one piece and there are 2 water cannon missiles separately packed. Place the missiles into the water cannon, that way they are out of the way whilst you put the batteries in.


The battery flap is located on Marshall’s bottom. To place the batteries into Marshall make sure the switch, located underneath is placed to O, if not, you’ll find Marshall will start wriggling whilst you try to replace the battery screw and that isn’t the easiest job; I may have done that. Unscrew the case, place the 4 AA batteries in and make sure you secure the battery lid tightly, for safety reasons. You will know when they need replacing as Marshall will yawn and say “I feel sleepy”.


To turn Marshall on turn him upside down to find 2 switches. There are 2 volume settings, because Spin master obviously understand parents needs much more than other toy companies, choose your setting. The second switch is the language switch, yep Zoomer Marshall is bilingual, he speaks English and Spanish.


Once he’s on, Marshall will react to your voice or hand movements via his sensors on his chest. His voice recognition and sensors work best from a distance of about 4inches however he seems to work OK a bit further away too.


If you press down his head he will be in Pup Mode, and you can enjoy having your very own pup. He will Dance, sing, laugh and even asked to be tickled or give you a high five. If you press his fireman’s badge he turns into Mission Mode. Mission Mode is pretty amazing, there are over 80 missions which include things like: Using his water cannons to put out fires, counting lost animals, finding his friends and even helping Marshall keep his high score on Pup Pup Boogie (a dance game the Paw Patrol team play). His missions will give the child instructions to follow to help him complete his missions, he will ask you to help him with his water cannons etc.


Zoomer Marshall is an indoor toy only, so no walks for this doggie! Dirt and grit will break him so keep him clean, dry and inside. He is about 12h x 14l x 10w and about 9lbs so pretty much the same as a normal puppy but less messy.

If you want an educational and interactive toy with never ending fun or even a pet that doesn’t need feeding or toilet training, then Zoomer Marshall is definitely for you.