The Science of Magic and the Philosophers Scone #MSF16

With Manchester Science Festival well underway I wanted to share with you the magical afternoon we spent learning all about the science of magic. On Monday we headed along to the Brasserie on the 2nd floor of Harvey Nichols for the Philosophers Scone event. The brasserie was decorated with owls, cages and some fabulous medicine bottles which really helped us to get into the mood.


The event started with Roger Highfield, author of The Science of Harry Potter – How Magic really works, explaining some of the science behind the magic that we see in the philosophers stone. He spoke about levitation and even the sorting hat, using real life examples of this “magic” in action.  The girls were so interested in what he had to say that they have asked me to buy his book so they can learn more about the science behind the magic that they see in these films.

After Roger had finished his talk, Harry Potter and the philosophers stone film was played on multiple tvs around the venue whilst our magical feast was delivered to our table.


The sandwiches were not magically themed but still absolutely delicious. There was a great variety of flavours and we enjoyed every single one.

When it came to the sweet treats the Harry Potter theming was perfect with Sherbet Lemon Posset, Harry Potter Brownie, Jelly Bean Cheesecake, Red Velvet Snitches and Snake Eyes Scones. The girls thoroughly enjoyed eating their magical treats and I have to admit that I did too!


The Philosophers Scone was just one event being held to celebrate the Manchester Science Festival which continues until the 30th October and there are still loads of fabulous things for you to do so do go and check it out. There really is something for everyone from kids to grown ups and if you are looking for something to do in the next few days then definitely take a look at the Manchester Science Festival Website and check out what is on.