Making midweek meals with Red Tractor mini roasts – Lamb pesto pasta recipe

I love meat, lamb, pork, beef, chicken, it doesn’t really matter what it is I absolutely love eating it. The problem is that during the week we only tend to eat chicken or mince as they are quick and easy to cook with. This does mean that sometimes our dinners can lack inspiration. Last week I was contacted regarding the Red Tractor Mini Roasts that are perfect for midweek meals (find your nearest distributor here). With this in mind, I set about to cook one of the recipes from their website to see just how quick and easy it was to have a mini joint for our dinner.


Lamb mini roast with Red Pesto Pasta

The recipe actually had a fairly simple set of ingredients. We needed a mini joint of lamb, some pasta, red pesto, spinach, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and parsley to garnish (although I didn’t bother with the parsley). You coat the lamb in some red pesto and bake in the oven according to the pack instructions. A mini roast of around 400g takes about 35 minutes to cook to medium. When cooked leave to rest under some tin foil whilst you cook the pasta. Once the pasta is ready, chop the lamb into chunks and mix all of the ingredients together before serving.


The dinner was a huge success with even my fussy kids enjoying a bowl whilst hubby went back for seconds.

It is so good to be able to think outside of the box and cook something a little bit different during the week and I will certainly be checking out some of the other recipes that they have listed for their Red Tractor mini roasts. I can’t wait to make our midweek meals more interesting with the Red Tractor Mini Roasts.

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