Paul Lamond – Brain Noodles Kittens


As a Paul Lamond Games Blogging Ambassador my first task was to keep my children busy during the summer holidays with a range of craft activities that we were sent.

The first one I tackled was Brain Noodles Kittens. Brain Noodles come in lots of different kits with set themes like the Kittens, bugs, princesses and puppies plus loads more.

You get the super soft jumbo noodles (basically large soft pipe cleaners) and accessories like stick on or googly eyes.

The instructions leave a little bit to be desired but we found this to be part of the fun and the more you did the easier they became. My kittens were all sat in different poses and all looks like kittens (with a bit of imagination).

We had great fun with these and what I liked best is that you can take of the sticker eyes, untwist the brain noodles and then start all over again or even make up your own creature.

The girls both enjoyed playing with these and I think they make a fantastic gift for imaginative, crafty children.