Saving Sundays – Week 1

A new Month, a new week, a new feature.

Saving Sundays is all about living within budget, saving money where we can and controlling my urge to spend.

Now that we are both at home we have to learn to live within our means. I know that we can be frivolous and I for one am dreadful at spending more money that we need too. I recently signed up to be a Savoo Deal Pro and I felt a bit naughty. How could I tell you how to save money when I am wasting loads of it?

I have always been proud of the fact that my house always has enough food in it but maybe what is really happening is that I am wasting food. By not meal planning and using what is in my cupboards I am actually having to throw away food that is past its use by date.

September is a whole new start for us. We have put the last year behind us, we are a strong family unit and we have even been decluttering and rearranging our house. My kitchen had so much junk in it that we had kept over the years and it made an already small kitchen feel so much smaller. Now that it is organised I can see just how bad my food hoarding really is, I mean who needs 8 bags of pasta?

With Adam in charge of the money I will be issuing him a £50 budget for the week. This should cover everything apart from bills and additional diesel (ie. long journeys or event mileage). He might have to be doing the school run on foot to save enough pennies to enjoy a beer at the weekend but I know that he can do it. The first month should be easy as if he plans well he will only need to buy the fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and milk as we should have enough of everything else to keep us going for a while.

Please leave your money saving tips below or even send me a link to a cheap recipe or anything else that will help us save money. I will be back next Sunday to tell you how we got on with our £50 budget.