Pabobo Lumilove Barbapapa


Look at this gorgeous night light, isn’t it cute.

We were sent this just before we went into hospital and it made the journey with us. Every night it lite up our little bed space and ensured that the nurses didn’t need their flashlights to check the thermometers.

With a brilliant base that starts charging the light as soon as it is placed on there, I didn’t have to mess around finding the charging leads like I did with our old night lights.


The other great feature about this light is the small off/on button on the base, this is really helpful for placing next to my bed on the floor. I don’t want the light on constantly but reaching over and pressing the small button and the light is on when I need it. The light is bright enough to be able to change her feed and prepare her medicines without being so bright it wakes her up.

I would definitely recommend this night light as it is safe, cute and practical. You can see more about her here on the Pabobo website which has lots of other cool night lights too.