Great news

Yesterday I received the news we have been waiting for, Elizabeth is now classed as in remission.

We are staying on Regime B which means the tests are all showing the most positive results possible and it also means we now have an idea of how the next few years will look like in terms of treatment.

We are just entering an intensification period which lasts for 5 weeks. We have a Lumbar Puncture for the next three weeks with Week 1 and Week 3 having additional Chemotherapy. She is also on an oral chemotherapy drug called mecaptopurine which she has to take every day. and another one called Cytabines which she has to have four times a week into her wiggly. After week 5 we will then enter into an interim maintenance period which is a lot nicer and just involves a few small doses of chemotherapy and two bone marrow aspirations over eight weeks. This will take us to the new year where we will have another intensification period for 5 weeks before we enter the final maintenance period until week 113.

Week 113 it seems so far away but then week 1 now seems so far away and we are only on week 6. I’m sure that the next two years will fly by and hopefully with very few inpatient stays or hiccups along the way.