Heat Holders


Not just any old pair of socks Heat holders are . . . well . . . amazing. Ok I know its just a pair of socks but we received a parcel that contained some socks when we had been in hospital for a few days.

The package we received contained three pairs of heat holders, a ladies pair (in my favourite colour purple) a mens pair in grey and a childs pair in red.

Having walked the corridors of the hospital at night for a few nights without slippers I was willing to try anything and even after my hubbys comments of “why would anyone send you socks to review” I have to say I was glad that they had been sent.

When they say “no more cold feet” they really do mean it and warm feet tend to keep the rest of you warm too.

Even hubby was convinced after he took mine home to wash and felt what they were like and soon he was wearing the mens pair around the house. He has even asked for some more for christmas and hinted that he would quite like the hat and gloves to go with the socks.

So even though the parcel only contained a few pairs of socks they have made a huge impact on our toes and made our feet feel loved.