Olaf Slush maker

As a kid I always wanted a slushy maker but can’t remember ever having one so when we were offered the Olaf Slush maker I jumped at the chance. I mean what kids doesn’t love Slushy.

The Olaf Slush Maker looks fantastic and sits nicely in his box. His hair comes off to reveal the compartment where you put the ice and he has a handle on his back that you turn to crush it. His belly drawer catches the crushed ice as it comes down.

Now we did encounter some issues with this Slushy machine. As it was all manual labour involved I may have been a little heavy handed with the handle which popped out a few times. It was also hard to push down in the top whilst turning the handle as the base was a bit slippery. It could do with some anti slip bits added to the bottom, either that or you need a second pair of hands. Crushing the ice was hard going but we soon ended up with a drawer of slush that Elizabeth thought was amazing. We added in a splash of cordial and she was so happy.
This is one of those things that kids will love and parents will hate so depending on how much you like your little darlings would depend on whether this is for you. I love the concept but would like to see a motorised version instead to save my arm muscles.