Star Wars Month – Day Four – Stormtrooper Folding Scooter

Scooters are always quite high up on the Christmas list and this scooter is perfect for young Star Wars fans.
Suitable for children aged 3 to 6 it has a rear foorbrake and adjustable handlebars and can be easily folded to put in the boot or store in the house. It has an adjustable handlebar height that is goes between 74-81cm and Alison at 120cm find that it is perfect for her but if she was much taller then it would be too small.

The graphics on the scooter are fantastic with the ones on the footplate particularly good.

When folded it manages to go quite small which is really good to keep it out of the way and you wouldn’t mind carrying it if they got bored of riding it either as it isnt that heavy although it is very solid.
Alison loves this scooter and so do half the kids in her school as they were all looking at it when we took it on the school run. This would definitely be a perfect Christmas present for a young star wars fan and it won’t break the bank either!