Elektrokidz – music inspired collectables with dancing hair

Sometimes my kids love something that I don’t get and I am getting to the stage that I am beginning to put this down to my age. When we first saw Elektrokidz at FunFest a few months ago my girls loved them. Elektrokidz are brightly coloured moulded plastic bodies with mad hair that dances to the beat of music (or in fact any noise).

Ok so they look kinda cute but both girls absolutely love them. With a variety of colour choices available and the fact that they all sync together to the music then I can see why the girls like them I am just not sure of them myself. I gave one of them to my cousin who has a slight obsession with the old trolls and she loved it.

Elektrokidz are huge in the US and I can see that they might take off over here with some well-placed advertising and they would certainly make good presents this Christmas for someone looking to buy their tween (or younger) something a little bit different.