Night Night Pooh


When Alison was still in my tummy I took Elizabeth to the Disney store to buy her little sister a gift for when she arrived. She chose a small Winnie the Pooh and ever since Winnie the Pooh has been a firm favourite in our house. I was not surprised when Alison’s smile spread across her face as soon as she saw the newest addition to her Pooh Bear collection.

Night Night Pooh is made with the same quality and standard that you come to expect from Tomy toys including the English to German switch which makes for entertaining listening.

With three modes which include night light, night light and lullabies and finally interactive mode. I have to say that the word Interactive made me think more was going to happen than it really was. Winnie the Pooh spoke along with the lullabies and you could blow out the candle (if you tried hard enough) to turn it off which was really cool but that was it so I am not sure I would call it interactive.

However Alison does have great fun blowing the candle to watch it flicker and eventually go out and the lullabies are lovely, it does have a very good volume control and it automatically turns off after 10 minutes which is all positive things. I would say this is fab as long as you don’t expect too much interaction and he is very cute.