TP Toys Bubble Bouncer


The TP Toys Bubble Bouncer is aimed at children 12 months plus but I would say as soon as your child is able to stand holding on to the furniture then they will enjoy this.

I received one to review but it is a bit small for my girls to play on so I have put it away for a present but we all had a good luck at it and they seemed very interested. If the handle was longer then they would have loved it. I was surprised at the length of the handle because the maximum weight is 20kg which is more than Elizabeth (4) weighs so I would have though that they could extend the handle to allow it to be used by older toddlers too.

I love the fact that there is instructions on how to tighten the tension on the mat which is something that always concerns me about these small trampolines.

The TP Toys Bubble Bouncer came pre-assembled and folds down nicely for storage and transport which is ideal when you have young ones as there is never enough space for everything.