The Snowman 30th Anniversary Edition


With just Seven weeks till Christmas eve nothing says Christmas quite like The Snowman. A timeless classic that is now 30 years old, I just cant believe that it is older than I am. I have loved watching this over the years and I was very excited to have the chance to share it with my girls.

There were just as mesmerised as I was and I have found Hubby humming the songs to himself ever since. I almost want to put up the Christmas decorations as it feels like it will be here in no time.

If like me you love the snow you might also be planning on taking your kids into the garden to make a snowman of your own. I was sent a great press release about how to make the perfect snowman and I wanted to share it with you because it actually gave me some ideas.

How to build the perfect snowman

To celebrate The Snowman 30th Edition DVD being released today master snow sculptor Duncan Hamilton from Hamilton ice sculptures gave some advice to help you create your very own snowman!

Duncan says:

The traditional way to build a snowman is to pack snow together by hand, roll it to form balls and pat snow on to the surface to make the shape.

This is quite limiting in terms of design and is not how the pros do it! To make a really strong snowman with lots of extra detail, why not try the following tips.

·         Get four equal sized sheets of wood. Arrange them to make a box with an open top and run a strong rope around                 them to keep them steady.

·         Now shovel fresh snow into the box.

·         Stamp or push it down carefully to compact it and carry on until you have filled the whole box.

·         Leave it to stand for at least a couple of hours.

·         Now remove the rope and the sheets of wood to reveal a perfectly compacted block of snow.

·         You are now ready to carve your snow. Use any tools you have to hand –  knives, saws, even spoons. You should                 find the snow quite easy to sculpt.

·         Think carefully about your design and make sure that it is heavy at the base to prevent it collapsing or falling over.

·         Be ambitious and have a good time!

Why not have a go I know as soon as the snow is good enough here I am going to give this a try. I am also looking forward to the sequel The Snowman and The Snowdog which will be at the centrepiece of Channel 4’s Christmas schedule this year celebrating a magical end to a special year which will bring together the Snowman and his new Snowdog, who has mismatched socks for ears and a satsuma for a nose.