New Disney Albums – Sofia the First and Doc McStuffin

Both of my girls love watching Disney Junior and were not very happy when they recently discovered that Mummy had downgraded our Sky package so we can no longer watch it on our tv.

Mummy of not completely cruel though and with a few new DVDs and these fabulous Cd’s we manage to keep them happy.

The Cd’s have been fabulous to listen to in the car and both of the girls have enjoyed singing along to all of the songs from both of the shows.

Sofia the first is all about a little girl who needs to learn to be a princess after her mum gets married to the king. Using songs she explorers all of the things a princess should do and brings a touch of herself along to the role. Sofia teaches children about dignity, respect and manners using everyday situations.

Doc McStuffin has some fantastic songs in her show and we were always singing along so it is great to be able to take the songs with us even when the show has ended.

Doc McStuffin sings feel good songs to all of the toys who become her patients. Treating their illnesses and making them feel better.

The songs are catchy and the words are easy to remember with them soon being memorised. The girls have really enjoyed singing these songs loudly in the car although I can’t say we have enjoyed it as much as they have.

We have a lot of children’s Cd’s in the car and it was great to add two more to the selection. At least that means we can mix it up a bit when one of them becomes to annoying or we start to sing them when the children are not around. Its when you are singing along and look around and realise the kids have been asleep for ages that you really need to start worrying.