Can I get?

Why is it when you are a successful blogger, and you not only get paid to write stuff but you also get quite a few products through to review, do people assume you can manage to get anything for free? I don’t even mean people that hardly know me or my extended family, I mean my Husband. I know we get a lot of fun stuff through the post and I know we go to lots of places but that doesn’t mean I can just ask for something and get it.

For the last week he has been pestering me about the quality of sound that we get from our 42″ LG 3D HD XD YD ZD you name it it’s got a D on it TV. Its a fabulous TV, it sounds great to me but oh no apparently the sound quality is not very good and wouldn’t it be amazing to listen to CBeebies is surround sound. Its not as though there is much else that we want on TV in all fairness.

Anyway I was telling him today about a few of the blog competitions that I am looking at entering and one of them is giving £750 worth John Lewis vouchers as a top prize, he got a bit excited and decided to look on the site and choose what he wanted already. I mean I haven’t even written my entry yet let alone won it. That hasn’t stopped him though.

Being a bit of a technology hoarder he automatically went to have a look at the electricals and fell in love with the Bose Home Cinema Systems. I mean that is already £550 spent but oh no he couldn’t leave any of this imaginary prize money for me he then decided that he would love a set of their computer speakers too. I mean obviously the ones on the laptop are not good enough for the occasional pings and YouTube clips I hear coming from his machine.

What is it with men and their gadgets? The list of wanted technology in this house just gets longer and longer. It already has a Dyson, PS4, Xbox one, iPad and a steam generator iron on it to name but a few. You would think that he doesn’t have any cool boy toys to play with but he currently owns all the latest computer gaming systems, has a fancy enough phone and he has a windows 8 laptop what more does he need?

I still hope I win that competition but I might just keep it quiet so he doesn’t spend it all on his stupid technology and I can put it aside to buy some Christmas presents and maybe some new clothes for the girls.