Saving Sunday Week 3

So I completely missed Saving Sunday last weekend as I was at a family festival but saving money was still very much in my mind. We didn’t spend much that week and even managed to only spend a few pounds at the festival.

This week I have not been so successful. I have had to spend some money for our holiday to Disneyland Paris in five weeks.

Trying to spend money money whilst saving money is always a hard job and the first thing I had to get was travel insurance. It sounds easy but with Elizabeth having Leukemia the prices vary wildly. From starting quotes of £115 for two nights in Paris I managed to get it down to just £25 using price comparison websites and going through top cash back meant that I saved even more.

Next up with the transfers from the airport to Disneyland Paris. With choices from taxis, shuttle buses and trains I had to look at all of the options. Surprisingly at £96 the train was the cheapest and quickest option giving us more time in Disneyland Paris than any other option. Using Quidco I managed to claw back a few pounds but it is still ridiculously expensive.

The last thing I was looking at was getting some Euros. We only have the hotel and breakfast included in our break and after looking online I know that food is going to cost quite a lot whilst on site.  I was not sure how much money to take so I was looking for a good exchange rate and a buy back option. The girls each received Euros for their birthdays so they already have their spending money. We are taking a lot of euros with us as I really want this to be the best holiday ever and it is not something I can see us doing again soon. I managed to get 750 euros for £642 from the post office with the option to sell back all the ones we don’t spend.

It has been an expensive week but I feel confident in the fact that my scrimping and saving I have managed to still save well over £200 on these outgoings.

What have you saved money on this week?