Nerf Hyperfire blaster – the fastest shooting nerf ever

This has been a busy summer and even with the weather being a bit temperamental we have managed to get out and in the garden fairly frequent. We were recently sent the Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire blaster which both girls couldn’t wait to try out.

Nerf Hyperfire blaster box

We have always loved Nerf blasters and what makes the Hyperfire Blaster stand out from the rest is it is the fastest motorised nerf blaster ever! The Nerf Hyperfire Blaster can fire 5 nerf darts ever second which means there really is no escape.

Nerf Hyperfire blaster in pieces

Getting started you will need 4 x D batteries which did delay us starting to play with it as we don’t tend to have spare D batteries in the house. The batteries  are easy to install behind a screwed down panel and once we had them it was quick and simple to start playing.

The Nerf Hyperfire Blaster comes with 25 nerf Elite darts which fit in the 25 dart drum. It manages to fire the darts from one end of the garden to the other easily and has an advertised range of 90 feet (27 metres). To fire, you need to press the acceleration button and then pull the trigger. Loading the darts is fairly simple, remove the dart barrel from the blaster and load the darts one by one in the top of the barrel. If the Nerf Hyperfire Blaster isn’t revving for you when you press the acceleration button check to make sure the white jam door on the top of the blaster is locked into place as it will not rev when this is not in place as a safety measure. The jam door is there to help clear any dart jams that might occur although we haven’t had this happen yet.

Nerf Hyperfire blaster


The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster is a substantial weapon in any battle however it can be slow to load the 25 darts and as they fire out so quickly this could be an issue. We spent more time finding them and loading them than we did shooting them although the girls did not seem bothered by this and it was just me that was getting frustrated with constantly having to load it for them.