Valspar Bedroom Makeover

When Elizabeth asked for a bedroom makeover I decided to contact Valspar. I had received a few press releases regarding Valspar paints and products and I was intrigued to see if they really could colour match and cover as well as advertised. They sent us some vouchers as well as some paint glitter, rollers and paint trays.

Elizabeth had already chosen her wallpaper and had opted for a pug design that is available in B&Q.

valspar wallpaper

We took a sample of the wallpaper along to our local Valspar counter in B&Q so that we could choose the best colour for the other three walls. Elizabeth wanted to match the pink which is used in the background of one of pug pictures on the wallpaper. We actually managed to find a perfect match from one of the colours that Valspar has already created. However, the paint was still mixed fresh for us. There were so many colours to choose from that they wouldnt have been able to keep all of colours in stock.

Valspar colours

We opted for Carnival paint and primer in one which was a perfect match and a lovely bright colour. We decided to try the Paint and Primer in One to test the coverage and see how well it covered up the previous wall design. We added in the Valspar Paint glitter before applying to the walls. In just one coat the paint covered everything and the paint glitter looks amazing when the sun shines on it.

Valspar glitter paint
As we added in the furniture and accessories, the room it really came together and Elizabeth absolutely loves it.

The rug, sofa bed and pug cushion where purchased in Argos and the shelves and drawers were from Ikea. The bedroom really has been transformed and I have been completely converted to Valspar paint. We are now looking at what room we can decorate next and will be using Valspar to help us with the next transformation.