Top 5 Back to School basics

When it comes to going back to school our purses are well and truly punished so instead of creating a guide packed full of all of the things that you should buy for your kids that they really don’t need, I thought that I would create a guide which contains my top 5 Back to School basics.

1. A high-quality lunch bag that helps to keep food fresh

I don’t know about you but my kids beg for the latest character lunch bag or lunch box and then a few months later they don’t want to use them anymore because they don’t like the character. However with a Genuine Thermos lunch kit they can lunch in style all year round. Available in Football or Floral, the lunch kit uses closed cell insulation and comes with a 10g ice pack to keep lunch cooler for longer. You can also get a matching drink bottle and food flask.

Back to school thermos lunchbag

2.  Something to keep their lunch from getting squashed

I always use plastic storage container to prevent the kid’s lunch from getting squashed and Sistema’s Bento Box’s are ideal as they are great for keeping lunch items and snacks separated. The Bento Box pictured below features a large centre compartment that can be split with the moveable slide divider, it also includes a separate yoghurt pot and two small compartments with hinged lids. It is the perfect size for a kids lunch and the separate bits are great.

Back to school Bento Box

3. Back to School unwelcome guests

I don’t know about you but back to school means that the girls seem to come home with some unwelcome guests within the first week and this Kit & Coco complete treatment not only smells wonderful but has enough for 4 doses and comes with a great ultra fine toothed comb and an applicator brush to make it easy to apply. At the end of the summer term, I used this on Elizabeth and it was extremely effective and left her hair soft and shiny. Kit & Coco range is made using coconut oil to deliver gentle yet effective prevention and treatment of nits and head lice.

Back to school Nit treatment

4) stop them losing their stuff

When I was at school I hated having personalised stuff but now as a parent I want them to have their name on everything! Born Gifted have some fantastic items that can be personalised including notebooks, gym bags, drinks bottles and more. The quality of the print is fabulous and the choice of designs means that there is something for everyone. I particularly liked this space design as it is in their school colour too.


back to school personalised

5. Make them want to go back

When I was little I loved getting new stationery to prepare me for the return back to school and the fabulous selection below was sent to me by Tiger to help me tempt the girls back to school and it has worked. Elizabeth can’t wait to show all of her friends her new stationery. I had never heard of Tiger before receiving these products but I have since visited both online and in store and I love the products there that vary from food to stationery to homeware and more. Definitely worth a visit!


back to school stationary


So there you go, obviously, you will need to ensure that the kids are clothed too but for me, these 5 items are part of my back to school kit and I hope that they have helped you to get organised before the chaos will commence.