My first Baby Annabell ® Let’s Play

When I told Elizabeth that we were getting a baby in the post she was very happy and when My First Baby Annabell arrived she was over the moon.
This loveable addition to the my first Baby Annabell® line focuses on the social and emotional bonding of motherhood. my first Baby Annabell® Let’s Play comes with a bottle for feeding and a soft toy sheep that matches her outfit. The doll feeds better when inclined to the left and burps when inclined to the right so is very realistic!

Holding Baby Annabell underneath her arms will make her laugh, and holding her above your face will make her giggle even more! She will fall asleep when lay down and even babbles. With gurgling and slurping sounds plus a fabulous sounding burp Baby annabell has had Elizabeth and Alison in fits of giggles.

Elizabeth loves this new addition to the household and it is a lot less hassle than a real baby! Maybe she will stop asking for another little sister.