Smart As…


Seen as it’s Brain Awareness Week (10th – 14th March), we’re taking a look at games that can help keep your brain healthy by giving it puzzles to solve on a daily basis.  The PlayStation Vita offers a handheld game like other brain training games out there but with this offering you can post your “Brain Power Score” to social network sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.  As you complete your daily challenges from the four main areas of Arithmetic, Logic, Observation and Language, you will unlock one of the mini games in free play mode, allowing you to practice them whenever you like.

Each main brain area has 5 mini games to play, thereby giving you 20 mini-games in all.  The games enable you to use various inputs of the Vita’s control system, such as the front and rear touchpad, the gyroscope sensor and AR card recognition.  The games offer 4 difficulty levels, which are Easy, Medium, Hard and Genius.  The games will score you on the amount of time it takes and will penalise you for incorrect answers.

Obviously with more practice you will become more familiar with the puzzles and be able to complete them more accurately, thereby giving you a better Brain Power Score.  I can see this game being a benefit to any family who has children at school and wants to improve their child’s ability to problem solve.  Hopefully it won’t be long before Elizabeth or Alison can use this game to complement their home schooling regime.