When I showed Elizabeth the Locksie doll we were sent she was over the moon. She has always wanted an harumika set but it was just far too old for her and I knew she would get frustrated with it.

Locksie uses the same idea of using scraps of fabric to create brilliant outfits for the doll. With rubber teeth in her back that allows you poke the fabric into which holds it in place it is simple and easy to use.

Elizabeth had lots of fun creating different designs for her doll and folded the fabric in different ways to design outfits.

The set shown above includes a Locksies Designer Doll set (RRP £10.99) and a fashion refil kit (RRP £4.99). You can get bigger sets which include accessories as well as the doll and you can even get furniture sets too. You can also use a variety of scraps of materials that you have lying around too. This has really brought out Elizabeth’s creative side and she has decided she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.

I think she has done really well and this is one creative toy that I think is perfect for her. It involved clothes, its not too complicated and it doesn’t take too long which is great for her short attention span. Plus she can then use her imagination and play with it too!