Shiny new Badge!!!

I have a lovely new badge, can you see it? All big and red and lovely.

Yes thats right as many of your predicted I have been selected to be one of forty Butlins Ambassadors.

I am not going to bore you too much because I have actually created a whole  page dedicated to all things Butlins right here.

I was so happy to see the list of ambassadors included some of my favourite bloggers but also sad for all those who didnt make it, dont worry there is always next year and I might even have a surprise for you before then so please do keep your eyes on my blog and twitter feed.

Now all I have to do is decide on which break to take, I am going to take my folks and my little brother with us because they went with us in February and loved it. Do you think we should go over Halloween which is our Anniversary or maybe we should go during the easter holidays? I already have a break booked for two weeks time and then one over Christmas so Halloween might be a bit much.

So excited and so much to plan, have fun everyone!