Mrs MacCready was ever so greedy and More… 

We got sent some great books earlier on in the summer holidays. First up was Mrs MacCready was ever so greedy. This great book had the kids giggling as Mrs MacCready got bigger and bigger because she wouldn’t stop eating. They loved the fact that a circus tent was brought to her to wear and she ate some very weird things. She even went pop and ended up hanging from the moon.

Next up was The Fearsome Beastie who tricked the boys and girls into being eaten because they felt sorry for him. With great rhyming text and granny as the hero it all worked out in the end as they settled down to enjoy Beastie stew. The girls loved this and enjoyed the rhythm of the story as well as pointing the beasties eye in the stew.

Last but certainly not least was The Dog Detectives Lost in London. Elizabeth really liked this book because of the riddles. She is just getting into jokes and riddles and found these really interesting and thought long and hard about them.

What has a face and hands but doesnt talk?

I received these books for the purpose of this review.