Moshi Monster Moshling Mall


Moshi Monsters is extremely popular in this house and we own quite a few of the toys including the house and the zoo as well as a very large container full of Moshlings. The Moshi Monster Moshling Mall features four brilliant sections as well as a twisty lift and a stair/slide.

Each of the areas is included in the online world of Moshi Monsters which allows the girls to recognise the areas and immediately got playing. The Moshling Mall comes with two Exclusive moshling characters, a bubble covered Jeepers and Blingo. The Moshling mall has various lights and sound effects in different parts including The Underground Disco which has a fantastic spinning record dance floor with music, glitter ball and disco lights. There is also sound effects on the lift, Grossery store and the Spa. The Spa has an extra special feature of showing Jeepers in the mirror all nice and clean. The Stair slide is Alison’s favourite part and she enjoys sliding the different characters on it.

The Moshi Monsters Moshling Mall was easy to assemble with only a few bits needing to be added, these bits however are prone to fall off like the bannister and the signs. The stairs also come out a lot too but they are easy to slide back in and the girls don’t seem to mind. Removing the stairs certainly makes it easier to store it away. I am always mildly frustrated when I have to put stickers onto toys myself but we had fun together deciding where to put the different Moshlings stickers.

A fantastic gift for any Moshi fan and I can imagine that it will be topping many a Christmas list. Unlike some of the previous playsets I feel that this is sturdier and more robust even after the few bits fall off and is definitely a good investment for imaginative play.