Making a mess in the kitchen #OvenPride

November 20, 2013 Off By Laura TMOT


Last week I headed over to Cheshire Cookery school with a few other bloggers to spend an evening cooking with Kurt Thomas and seeing the wonders of Oven Pride in action.

After watching a demonstration of just how powerful Oven Pride really is (we love it in our house) then we all pulled on our aprons, scrubbed our hands and got stuck in.


I was really impressed with the quick and easy sour dough bread recipe and was tweeting out lots of different flavour suggestions. I seemed to have been the only person who got creative with their bread and I made two gorgeous flavours; chilli and cheese (which had a lovely kick) and Green olive. I would have preferred black olives  but we only had green available. I still want to attempt to make a nice Marmite and cheese loaf and I will let you know how I get on. The recipe is a fantastic simple dough that allows you to add flavours and experiment. The other attendees seem to have just added rosemary or had it plain.


The Tuscan bean stew was delicious but once again we decided to add a bit of variety, with some of the left over green olives and some extra chilli we added a bit of a kick to it. Olives and Chorizo are one of my favourite flavour combinations and with the warmth of this stew it will make a great winter dish.

I am on Slimming World and the only naughty thing in the pan was the chorizo but when worked out per portion it was well worth adding. I made this dish minus the chorizo the next day and it was lacking the extra flavour. I would also recommend getting a smaller oilier chorizo like unearthed. This will really infuse a great flavour into the dish.


The chicken was seasoned with paprika, salt and pepper and cooked in the oven. That was it. Yet it tasted amazing. Sometimes the simplest cooking methods can bring the greatest flavours. The breast was succulent and well seasoned although the dish can be eaten by itself without the chicken if you wanted a vegetarian meal. We added a sheet of parma ham for the last few minutes of cooking but it was more decoration that anything else and is not worth the extra calories in my view.

I thoroughly enjoyed cooking this dish and loved being back at Cheshire cookery School. We received a great goody bag full of cleaning products which I gave to hubby as a thank you for looking after the kids. He is one of those weird people who love cleaning and absolutely loves Oven Pride for cleaning our oven trays. He has already been putting the products to good use and says it was the best goody bag ever. I would much rather it had contained wine or chocolate but if it keeps him quiet for a while then it was definitely worth it.

You can see the Oven Pride recipe below.