The Moonlite Storybook Projector

Storytime is an important bonding experience for parents and the new Moonlite Storybook Projector takes this one step further. I was sent the Moonlite Mr Men Gift Pack and two additional stories. You can also get a Moonlite Starter pack with two Eric Carle stories or a Moonlite Fairy Tale Gift Pack.

The Moonlite Storybook Projector works with your mobile phone torch to project the stories on to the ceiling. The gift packs come with 5 story reels and the starter pack comes with 2 story reels.

To use the Moonlite Storybook Projector you need to download the app on to your phone. Each story pack will come with an activation code that allows you to download the stories to your app. Once you have downloaded the story then you insert the selected story reel into the projector and clip on to your phone over the torch.

There are a variety of additional story reels that you can purchase which each come with an activation code to download the story to the app.

The app is really easy to use and when you are reading the stories you can press on the words in a bubble to hear a sound effect. The storybook reels are full of bright colourful images that add an extra element to story time.

The Moonlite Storybook Projector is an ideal gift for new parents or toddlers as it helps to support an important part of the bedtime routine.

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