Worried about the Winter Blues? Start your kick back now – with these 5 easy ideas

Not everyone is eager to carve out pumpkins, enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte or three and embrace the colder seasons of the year. For many of us, it can be difficult to head into work while it’s still dark, to spend days stuck indoors because of the miserable weather outside; for so many of us, the seasons really do affect our mood and our motivation. But, what can you do to give yourself a boost? Well, read on for 5 easy ways you can kick back against those creeping Winter Blues and really embrace the full beauty of the seasons ahead.

Update your home

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest ripping up your flooring and scraping wallpaper off the walls – although if that’s your thing, go for it – updating your home and getting it ready for the colder months ahead will help you cope with the seasons better. After all, with the miserable weather, dark nights, gloomy mornings and dropping temperatures, you’re not going to want to stray far! Try switching up your light fixtures with LED light fittings & fixtures from LED Hut for an instant transformation. Or add a few new rugs here and there to the hallway or living room. A new reading corner to spend all those rainy Sundays in or maybe just updating your accessories with some gorgeous scented candles or twinkly fairy lights.


As mentioned above, it can be easy to spend time in your warm, comfortable home, hiding away from the cold weather outside. But spending time with your family and friends will really give your mood a positive boost. It doesn’t have to be in person either, try a video call on Facebook or Skype! Spending time visiting or just talking to the people you love the most will always make you feel better.

Enjoy the sunshine when you can

It might be a little colder than we’d like, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and enjoy the sunshine while it’s there. Wrap up warm and spend some time in the Autumn sunshine, it’ll boost your mood, fill you full of energy and give your body a little workout too. Just remember to wrap up warm!

Enjoy your favourites

If you’re feeling down, don’t worry. You could revisit some of your old favourites to give yourself a boost. Whether that’s a favourite film, a piece of music, a book, old photographs or even a podcast that never fails to raise a smile. Remember to do things that are special to you, things that you enjoy and even have a go at something new. Whether that’s writing poetry, trying out new makeup techniques, starting a blog or even have a go at vlogging!

When you need help

If you’re really struggling, then you don’t have to suffer in silence and feel alone. Speak to a close friend, colleague or family member, or book an appointment to see your GP as soon as you can.