Monster High: 13 wishes


The girls and ghouls are back for a new year at monster high and Howleen comes into possession of a magic lamp containing a genie. Given 13 wishes and warned not to be selfish she starts out well but things soon start to go wrong when the genie’s shadow self starts to whisper in her ear and make her ask for wishes that become more and more selfish.

The Monster High girls will not stand back and see something happen to one of their own and they all work together to help the Genie and stop the shadow Genie from taking over.

Everything works out well and even the shadow genie is happy in the end when she is turned into a real genie and given the lamp to rule over, ready to serve another finder. Meanwhile the original genie is free to enjoy life as a teenager at Monster High, we expect to see more of her in future films.

Elizabeth loves Monster High and even Alison doesn’t complain about watching it. We enjoy the inclusivity of it all, no matter what the monsters look or sound like they are accepted at Monster High and made to feel welcome.

Another great movie and one I am sure the girls will watch again and again.