Xbox Kinect with Kinect Adventures


If your considering buying a Kinect for your Xbox 360, then you will also be receiving the mini-game compilation Kinect Adventures.  Following the success of the Nintendo Wii, the Kinect is Microsoft’s take on motion capture game play.  It’s a unique piece of gaming technology as there is no controller required.  The Kinect tracks your body’s movements in real time 3D and mirrors them in game with your avatar.  You can also control your Xbox 360 from the dashboard via hand movements or voice commands.

Kinect Adventures is a game that’s bundled with the Kinect to show off it’s capabilities.  Mainly aimed at parents and their kids, it’s a definite this will go own well in your household.  A great game for all family that could be used at get togethers, provided there is enough room, so be prepared to have to move furniture around.  You need something like 2 metres of clear space.  Also, be prepared to sweat a lot as some of the mini games really get you moving.

Players take on the role of an adventurer who travels around the world seeking out challenges to complete, which is a slight understatement as there are only 5 mini games to play (River Rush, Space Pop, Rallyball, 20,000 Leaks and Reflex Ridge).  My favourite game has to be River Rush just because of the photos that the game took during play.  At one point I was jumping in mid air nearly hitting the ceiling.

A great first entry to the Kinect range that will teach you the basics.  I can’t wait to see what else is created using the same mechanics.  The Kinect itself is an amazing piece of kit and I love being able to speak to my Xbox.