Half Term dvd fun with Abbey Home Media

My friends over at Abbey Home Media have been sharing with us some of the best new family entertainment that has come out to keep the kids quiet. With the weather turning colder and definitely wetter days snuggled up on the sofa will soon become a regular feature and with these new kids dvds to watch I know the kids will be enjoying it and not wanting to go outside.


The Sooty Show – Run Rabbit Run

Another fantastic Sooty dvd that sees Sooty and friends up to mischief turning Slaters holiday park into a water park after gardening goes wrong, making a robot to clean up before an inspection and putting on a pop concert. No matter how much they try to help Sooty and Sweep always seem to make a mess of things leaving Richard and Soo to try to clear up.

5 great episodes from the Citv show that will have Sooty fans giggling in their seats. Well it did in our house anyway.


Jollywobbles – Car Wash

We are big Justin fans in our house and we enjoy him most when he is doing his silent slap stick comedy routines. Commonly seen in Gigglebiz, Justin Fletcher has a fantastic way of getting the audience involved without speaking and JollyWobbles takes you on all sorts of adventures with just sound effects to keep you company.  With the help of his little car Justin is off on 6 more fun filled adventures which you will have to see for your self.


The Little Reindeer

A heartwarming tale about a little reindeer that gets himself into trouble when he falls into the gift wrapping machine at Santas workshop. He is delivered as a present to a young boy who loves him very much and spends the year looking after him before Santa comes again to take him back. The boy feels sad at losing his friend but when he sees him pulling the sleigh the next year he is overjoyed. A cartoon with no dialogue that relies on the musical accompaniment to help tell the story. It is an enchanting and heart warming christmas tale.


The Hive – Buzzbee to the rescue

A fantastic dvd featuring 10 adventures following the Bee family. Buzzbee and friends have lots of fun as they are visited by royalty in one of my favourite episodes. There are lots of useful lessons to be learnt in the adventures of the Bee family and whether the culprit it is Buzzbee, Rubee or any of their friends you know that things will turn out alright in the end.

Comes with a fantastic poster of the Bee family for all the hive fans out there.


Mr Blooms Nursery – The giant turnip and other episodes

We are big fans of Mr Bloom especially after spending a weekend with him at Little fun Fest at the beginning of September so adding a Mr Bloom dvd to our ever growing dvd collection was a sure fire hit with the girls. Mr Bloom and the tiddlers get planting some seeds and everyone has to work together to pull up the Giant turnip that has grown in the nursery.  With four fantastic full length epidoses the dvd is over 90 minutes long. Perfect for a wet miserable day a