Miles from Tomorrow toy bundle #TMOTXmasTombola

Miles From Tomorrow is a fantastic show on Disney Junior that we love watching and to celebrate this bundle being in my Christmas Tombola competition this year they sent me one too so that we could have a play with all of the fantastic toys.

The first thing that the girls wanted to get into is all of the figures. There are 10 to collect so the two sets in this bundle give you all ten characters. The figures are a few inches tall and are great for imagination play and allowing children to act out the scenes from the show.

The next thing out of the packaging was the Scout Ranger. This comes with Leo who is the day in the show. The Scout Ranger is a pull and go vehicle with an extra special feature as the top swivels round giving the car two different looks. There is space for Leo and an additional character.
The final item is the Merc Deluxe Figure. Very true to the show the Merc Deluxe Figure has features like Merc does such as the extendable eyes, stretchy neck and even interchangeable wings that take you from his wings to rockets and back. He also has lights and sounds that again follow the show.
These Miles From Tomorrow toys are all made by IMC and are absolutely perfect for any Miles From Tomorrow fans. They will really help to bring the show alive in their imaginations through quality toys that look and sound exactly how they should. We were really impressed with these toys as they do allow the imagination to take control rather than dictating how they should be played with by being too automated and that is definitely a good thing in our books!