Top Toys – Style Lab

As part of my top toys this I thought I couldn’t not mention the FabLab Style Lab. Although not technically a toy the Style Lab kit has really impressed me this year with its ability to keep my girls entertained and also how fantastic it is at parties.
The FabLab Style Lab contains glitter tattoos, hair chalks and peelable nail varnish which is perfect for young children. It also includes a toe separator, nail file, nail decorations, hair clip and gloves.

The Style Lab set includes 50 tattoo stencils although we did find that we could use them more than once. It also contained 5 glitters and a bottle of cosmetic glue. They are easy to apply following the instructions and using the two included brushes and look amazing when finished.

Style Lab includes 7 peelable nail polishes that cover  really well and peel off easily which means you don’t need to use nail polish remover on your kids.
The four included hair chalks go on easily and produce a fantastic colour on hair of all shades. This is where the gloves are essential as you can get colour transfer on to your hands (although it does wash off)
The Style Lab set is perfect for sleepovers and for parties and is something I would definitely recommend as a Christmas present this year.