Baby Annabell 2 in 1 baby unit

The Baby Annabell 2 in 1 Baby Unit is a sleeping area table and storage unit for all of your Baby Annabell accessories.
The unit comes with shelves, a separate organiser with multiple compartments, a clothing hanging rail, a bottle holder and a secret compartment with key. It also has a small Sheel nightlight that lights up and plays a lullaby for a short period of time.
The Baby Annabell 2 in 1 Baby Unit arrived in pieces in the box and required assembly. This was fairly easy and the instructions were clear showing you which piece to use when. You do need to follow the instructions in order to prevent having to take parts of it off again (not that I did that of course!)
I loved the curtains on the unit that were very in keeping with the Baby Annabell brand and really added to the décor of the unit.
The secret compartment in the floor was easy to open and close using the included key but wasn’t very big so I am not sure what you would hide in there.

The shelves give you plenty of space to store you Baby Annabell accessories and the separate organiser tray is good for storing the smaller items such as the necklaces or dummies which always seem to get lost.

The added sheep night light was a really nice accessory that added to the playability of the toy. The gentle lullaby and soft light meant that this was something that the kids really liked and  as it can be carried separate to the baby unit it has been used more than the rest.

As well as being a storage unit the 2 in 1 baby unit is also a sleeping area and comes with a thin blanket to cover Baby Annabell. Alison also used it as a changing table!

The Baby Annabell 2 in 1 baby unit was easy to put together, doesn’t take up much room and has multiple uses making it a perfect toy for those with limited space. Both of my girls enjoyed playing with this with their Baby Annabell doll.