May the force be with your Christmas Tree – Star Wars Christmas Baubles by Numskull

I have been sent some amazing baubles to decorate my Christmas Tree from the lovely folks from Numskull. I was sent the Return of the Jedi bauble set which is awesome because it has Wicket in there (which if you know me personally you will know that Ewoks are my all time favourite Star Wars characters). In each box you get six different baubles which don’t come with any strings attached and you are provided a long bit of ribbon to cut and tie on to the baubles.

The set we were sent includes the following characters

Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Royal Guard
Jabba the Hutt
Biker Scout
Ewok Wicket
Admiral Ackbar

The baubles look amazing on my Christmas tree but it does mean that I want even more of them and might actually turn the whole tree in to a Star Wars shrine. For now the Imperial guard is guarding our special santa key and Emperor Palpatine is watching the box of quality street to ensure I don’t eat them before Christmas Eve and hopefully next year they will be joined by many other characters from the films. I am definitely saving a special spot for Yoda.