Ten things your kids will enjoy more than their main present this Christmas

Its Christmas, you scrimp and save all your round to buy your kids the bike/computer/games console/ mobile phone/ expensive toy (delete as appropriate) that is top of their list and come Christmas day they open it get giddy and then put it to one side.

The problem nowadays is that they don’t just get that one big present, there is always more and once that have opened more they have lost interest in all the other stuff.

Going from experience here is a list of ten things my kids enjoy more than their Christmas presents.

  1. Wrapping Paper. Scrunching it up, throwing it across the room and even putting it in a black bag seems to be a fun game. Just don’t tell them that they are tidying up.
  2. The rubbish prizes in crackers. It could be a pair of nail clippers or a tape measure they will still love it and cherish it more than any other presents.
  3. The biggest cardboard box. Whether it contains the new hoover your idiotic husband bought you or one of their toys they don’t seem to care what was in it as long as they can fit inside it. Cardboard boxes produce hours of fun which is why it is top of my kids Christmas list.
  4. Crap Christmas telly. They could have seen Home Alone a thousand times but they will still love sitting and watching it all over again rather than play with their new present.
  5. A Christmas sing along or dance. Put the Christmas music on and having a boogie together is so much fun and something anyone can do. You could also go and knock on the neighbours house and sing Christmas Carols which helps to spread the Christmas Joy too.
  6. The items in their stockings. Think party bag rubbish and you be on to a winner, the cheaper and more tacky the items are the more the kids will love them.
  7. Staying up late. When it comes to Christmas we seem to forget what time bedtime is, it could have something to do with all the wine. Your kids will love being able to stay up late and they wont tell you that you forgot their bedtime.
  8. Chocolate for breakfast. Who else lets their kids start eating chocolate first thing? If it means I don’t have to organise breakfast then I am all for it. If Santa didn’t want them to eat chocolate he wouldn’t have put it in their stocking.
  9. A family walk. If the kids are going stir crazy and you are feeling a bit full then a family walk to the local park will do you all good. Plus if they got bikes or scooters it is a good time to test them out.
  10. Your time. Spending time as a family playing a board game or similar will give lasting memories and if you can play a team game like Shout! It is even better.

Just remember, Christmas isn’t all about the presents and the best memories from your childhood will have nothing to do with the actual gift but more to do with the people around you and the things you did together. Instead of racing out for more gifts why not get baking together or snuggle on the sofa with some popcorn and a Christmas movie to help get you in the mood.