Mask ‘N’ Ask by Drumond Park


We were recently sent the board game Mask ‘N’ Ask by Drumond Park, which is a different take on the classic game ‘who am I?’.  I’m sure everyone has played this type of game at some point in their lives, so I was intrigued to see how playing the board game would work.

In the box you receive 30 double sided masks (60 faces in total), 4 pairs of glasses, a game board with spinner, 4 player pieces and 48 yes/no tokens.

It’s quite simple, the object of the game is to find out the character on your mask by asking questions whilst moving around the board.  The winner is the first person to correctly guess 3 of their characters, so with each one you get right, a new mask must be picked up and attached to the glasses.

The board is double sided with animals on one side and people on the other which is the same at the masks.

As you go around the board asking the questions you use your yes and no tokens to mark the answers to help you decide who you are.

I am not a fan of the yes and no tokens, not because there is anything wrong with them but because they are small enough to slip out of the edges of the box and I have been finding them all over the floor. A little zip lock bag or a box to keep them safe would definitely be an improvement. The masks are easy to attach to the glasses and even Elizabeth can do this without damaging anything.

It is a great family game that is advertised for age 7 plus due to reading ability but with a bit of help even the younger ones can play.