Lots of Lego

Being a Lego family blogger is a fantastic opportunity to us to play with some great Lego sets. I have been quite lucky recently the sets have been too old for Elizabeth and Alison which meant that I was allowed to have a play with them and bring back so many old memories.


The first one I got to play with was this fabulous Riddles for the Ring set based on The Hobbit. There is some amazing sets that have been brought out and as with all themed lego sets it is the figures that really bring it to life. Gollum does that to this set perfectly.


Next up was the new Lego Chima sets. We are going to the preview of the 4D movie at Legoland Discovery Centre next week so this was great for getting the kids interested.

The sets I received were the Speedorz sets and we each had a character to race. I was Cragger and Elizabeth was Laval. We loved using the rip cord and played with this for hours. We normally donate all of our review toys to the hospital but she won’t let me donate these as she loves them.

She really enjoyed racing through the lion gate and hitting the target sending the chi flying into the air.
We also got sent some amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lego. The godfather came round to visit after he found out that I had it. although I think he came round just to play with it..

We had to sets sent to us “Kraang lab escape” and “Shredder’s dragon bike”. Both sets came with character figures and are great not just for teh building experience but for playability afterwards.

We love getting new Lego to play with and just wonder what will be in our next box.

We received the Lego as part of our Lego family ambassador role.