The dangers of the sun shining

The sun shining seems to bring out a very dangerous side to some people. Yesterday as I was driving along with my sun glasses on and the window wound down enjoying the small amount of warmth and sunshine that had appeared in Manchester and all around I saw complete idiots. Driving fast down residential streets, speeding past schools and blaring their music out.

What is it about the sun that makes people drive like idiots?

Not only does the low sun at this time of year cause awful glare which sees me wearing my sun glasses on even the coldest day but the minute it gets warm the chances of a accident round here seems to increase.

I really don’t get the correlation. When the sun is shining more kids are out playing, riding bikes and scooters and running around. Motorbikes enthusiasts are coming out for the first ride since winter and people are jumping on their bikes to go for a cycle. Driving around too fast at this time of year will mean that you are a lot more likely to have to break hard or have an accident causing yourself a whiplash injury let alone the fact that you might hurt someone else..

There are so many danger factors in the spring and summer and I can imagine that road accident solicitors get a lot more work at this time of year.

So even though the sun is shining remember that road safety is still really important. Drive at the speed limit or below. Watch out for children and motorbikes. Wear sun glasses to prevent glare and stay alert. To many people are hurt or killed in road accidents every year and being more cautious could prevent that.