Lost my name books

I have heard a lot about the Lost My Name books so when I was offered them for the girls I knew they would enjoy reading them.

The books are aimed at children aged 2 to 6 and come in both girl and boy versions. The purpose of the book is to follow a story that allows the main character to find the child’s name. Through meeting different characters and sharing in their adventures the character collects all the letters from the child’s name. This means that each name produces a different adventure.

Alison really enjoyed having her story read to her. She met an Aardvark, a Lion, an Imp, a Squid, an Ostrich and a Narwhal. I love the fact that the characters in the story were not the obvious choices and Alison felt the same. She loved meeting the Imp and was really interested in learning more about Narwhals.

Elizabeth has taken her book to her room so she can read it to herself. I am loving the fact that she had finally found a love of reading so I have not had the chance to see who she meets on her adventure but I know she has been enjoying reading it.

If you are looking for a lovely personalised feel good book then I can definitely recommend a Lost my name book.