Nixplay wifi frame

I love having a digital photo frame on my mantlepiece but it has not been updated for ages so it just shows our old pictures all the time.

Nixplay contacted me about a new photo frame that allows you to send your images to the frame from your computer or your phone. In fact, you can be at the other end of the country and send pictures. You can also have multiple people send photos to the same frame.

The frame is really easy to use and you can set a variety of playlists that people can share too. You need to give access to the email addresses that are able to send you photos. Depending on the size of the images you wish to share you can send quite a few at the same time. My camera phone is 20MP so I can only send around 5 at a time but that is still a great way of sharing a good day out. You can also add images to the Nixplay frame via USB or SD card. The frame is mains powered which does mean it needs to be plugged in at all times which I found restricted where I could put it in my house but I soon found a suitable space for it.

The Nixplay Edge comes with a remote control which allows you to change playlists, control the images and put the frame into standby mode.

This frame is perfect for grandparents if you want to share pictures with them. You can send them new images whenever you want and even if they live far away they will get them immediately. I think this is a perfect gift for those who are not on Facebook which is where we seem to share most of our pictures now.