Lego Avengers 76032 – The Avengers Quinjet City Chase

Its all about Avengers at our house at the moment and Alison was very excited to get started on building the Quinjet City Chase set. It is quite a large set and so we worked together to build it. The box contained 6 numbered bags, two instruction books and a comic which Alison really enjoyed looking at.
The Avengers Quinjet City Chase set comes with Captain America and his motorbike, Ultimate Ultron and the getaway van and the Quinjet. You also get Iron Man, Vision and Black Widow.
The Quinjet has lots of really cool moving parts including a section which stores and drops Captain America’s bike and a bit that allows one of the minifigures to drop from the Quinjet whilst holding on to a bit of string. The van that comes with it can also “explode” which means that both sides fall off revealing the contents. This is a really cool play feature and the girls love this.

We have yet to see the Avengers Age of Ultron film but we cant wait for it to be released.