Logo What am I? by Drumond Park

Logo what am I? is a game for 3 to 6 players where you do not work in a team, instead on your turn you need to get one of your opponents to guess the correct answer. If they do this you both win a throw of the dice to move further around the board.
As you go around the board you have to fulfil a challenge this could be one of three different types.

Describe it challenge

The Describe it challenge requires the player to describe all three items on the card in order.

Draw it challenge

The draw it challenge requires the players to draw something that they think would make the guessers get the answer.

Guess It challenge

The guessers have to ask yes no questions to the player.

The game is a fun co-operative game that comes up with some hilarious answers and even funnier pictures. This is a great family fun game that would be perfect at Christmas or other gatherings.