Dreamworks Animation HOME movie and toys by Flair

The girls were excited to receive some of the new range of Home toys from Flair. The toys have been created to compliment the movie and they are fantastic. There is a huge range of HOME movie items available suiting different ages and price points.

Animated Dancing Plush Oh

A 24cm cuddly Oh that features 3 different songs with phrases from the movie. Animated Dancing Oh uses the wheels on his base to move around and his arms move too. As a parent I love the fact his on button is also an off button but I have not got fed up with him yet. He did struggle to dance on a polished surface but on our carpet he enjoyed a good old boogie.

Shusher Wand

The shusher wand is owned by Captain Smek in the movie. It has four different phrases and it opens and lights up. The shusher wand is really robust and the girls love it. I do worry that now they have watched teh film they will start bashing each other over the head with it but they have not done that yet.

Plush assortment

Everyone who sees the film will want a plush version of one of their favourite characters and these can come in miniature plush or talking plush toys. We were sent a miniature Pig plush which Elizabeth loves. You can also get Oh and Captain Smek. The Oh plush comes in a variety of colours to symbolise his moods. The talking plush can also be bought as Tip.

Mood Bubbles

A great pocket money entry toy is the Mood Bubble mini figures. These come in round bubble balls with a base for the character to stand on. The figures some in a variety of moods and characters with 18 to collect. The bubbles are used as a means of transport in the film so the girls love rolling the figures around in them.

Boov Ears

If you want to be a Boov then these Boov ears are the perfect gift. Another pocket money purchase the ears are available in lots of different colours and you can bend them to symbolise different moods. Did you know that Boov Ears are actually Boov noses?

We absolutely loved the film and the toys and I really recommend that you check it out. With some fabulous one liners Oh is a lovable boov who always seems to make mistakes but in the end he saves the day in this funny family movie that everyone should watch.